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State of Wisconsin

Woodland Montessori School is State Licensed and has the honor of holding a 5 Star Rating with the Wisconsin Young Star Program. This distinction means that the Department of Children and Families recognizes Woodland as meeting the highest levels of quality standards and allows our school to receive higher subsidies than lower rated programs by an increase of 25%.


City of Madison
Woodland Montessori School is honored to say that we have been City Accredited for over 40 years. Participation in Madison’s city accreditation program is a voluntary process on behalf of the school. Re-accreditation occurs annually and involves rigorous observations and development meetings with city child care specialists, these specialists support the school in meeting the high set of city standards in regards to programming, materials, teacher-child interactions, training, and environment.

Accreditation for Woodland means that more grant money becomes available to the school, third party objective observation and oversight occurs annually, city funded families may enroll at Woodland, as well as the high honor of holding the distinction of accreditation.


American Montessori Society
Woodland is a full affiliate of the American Montessori Society. We value our full membership with AMS as it reflects the high regard and respect we hold for authentic Montessori pedagogy. AMS offers different levels of affiliation based on the amount of Montessori Credentialed teachers on staff.

Due to Woodland’s commitment of retaining and developing high quality teachers, we enjoy the highest affiliation as a school with AMS as Full Member.

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