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Purchase online and have delivered to the school with a message included in your order saying the item is for Kindergarten from "Your name".  Then forward your receipt to the head of school notifying her to expect your delivery.


Woodland Montessori School

1124 Colby Street

Madison, WI 53715


Kindergarten Wish List

Items from Etc. Montessori

Telling Time (beginning)  $12.00

Farm grammar activities   $90.00

Phonograms (levels 6-9)  $63.00

Items from Nature Explore

                     Marimba and Mallets  $2,778.00

Items from Heutink USA

One golden bead cube of 1,000   $134.50

Multiplication bead bar layout box   $435.50

Detective adjective exercise  $45.20

Double sandpaper letters: international print  $73.50

Plastic grammar symbols in box  $90.90

Botany cabinet control chart   $17.50

Bow Tying Frame  $40.50

Wet soil gloves  $3.95

Corn broom  $7.95

Push broom  $12.95

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