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Tuition Assistance - how it works at Woodland

Dear Woodland Community, Recently, the Finance Committee formalized Woodland Montessori School’s Tuition Assistance Program. During the current school year, Woodland’s Tuition Assistance Program has helped 19 families. The program is funded by proceeds raised at the annual Parents' Night Out Auction & Fundraiseras well as dollars allocated in Woodland’s annual budget. Tuition assistance amounts can range from $50.00 per month to $250.00 per month. The committee awards tuition assistance to families that demonstrate a financial need. The Tuition Assistance Program gives first priority to families already receiving tuition assistance. The next level of priority is given to currently enrolled families whose financial circumstances have changed. The third level of priority is given to families who are new to Woodland. If your family is interested in tuition assistance for the upcoming school year, here is how to apply:

  • Fill out an application (located on our website:; hard copies are also outside the upstairs office)

  • Include a cover letter explaining any special circumstances

  • Submit proof of current income (most recent tax return, current W-2s, or recent pay stubs)

  • Completed applications and materials can be returned to me in the upstairs office or emailed to:

For currently enrolled families, applications are due February 1st, 2018. The deadline for new families offered spots for the upcoming school year is March 1st, 2018. Please let me know if you have any questions about Woodland’s Tuition Assistance Program or if you need help completing your application. Thanks to everyone that has contributed to the auction and to Woodland’s Tuition Assistance Program. You truly do make a difference. January Tuition: Sorry to add one more thing to your holiday to do list but please consider leaving a post dated tuition check with Woodland before break. Thanks, Jim Jim Hansen, CFO (608) 256-8076


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