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Elder Camp June in Review


Please be sure your child has a full change of clothing as well as swim clothing at school every day. In addition, your child needs a water bottle that can stay at school for our outings and field trips. Thanks so much!

What is Elder Camp?

Elder Camp is a safe space for children in the 6-9 year old developmental plane to explore, be creative, and feel empowered. Our campers spend their days filled with games, art, science, snacks, friends, and fun. The premise behind Elder Camp is that we "marry" the Montessori philosophy for this age with a somewhat traditional summer camp, creating a space in which the children cultivate a rich and loving community. Our children make many of our camp decisions with scaffolding from the teachers. The teachers' role in the classroom is one of support rather than direction. Under this model our children are becoming responsible and empowered citizens, encouraged to change their community for the better.

As such, one of our projects each summer is a fundraiser or charity project. After persuasive speeches at our camp meeting, the campers had the opportunity to vote for the charity of choice this summer. The children chose between supporting a Woodland family in getting a wheelchair accessible van, supporting a well project in Sudan, or supporting the Humane Society. All very noble options, for sure! After a confidential voting process, the children found out that they had selected raising money for one of our very own classmates and friends so that she may get a new van to accommodate her new wheel chair! Stay tuned for more details as the class decides on fundraisers and dates!


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