• Becky Jones

Toddler 1 June in Review

Thank you to all who helped out the community with donations to the Hunger Heroes campaign. Your generosity is greatly appreciated. Thank you for sending swimwear and towels for Friday Water Days. The sprinkler will be a welcome treat as we head into summer.

Gardening is a sensory experience that nurtures a child’s appreciation and understanding of the natural world. The outdoor classroom activity of planting, watering and harvesting incorporates many of the practical life exercises that make up an important part of the Montessori curriculum. On Earth Day the toddlers planted sugar snap pea seeds in biodegradable pots. After the seeds sprouted and grew several inches, we transferred them outdoors and gave them a good watering. We visited our pea patch every day. One day we noticed small white flowers on the vine. This week we harvested our first two pea pods! Everyone got a little taste. We look forward to harvesting more peas to add to our morning snack.


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