• Raquel Diaz

Classroom 1 July in Review

"Education is a natural process carried out by the child and it is not acquired by listening to the words but by experiences in the environment."

Dr. Maria Montessori

Greetings classroom one families. It has been an amazing summer and it is hard to believe that it will soon be coming to an end. We've had such a great time making crafts like designing stickers and tin cans, creating monsters with stencils, making money paper, and finger painting outside.

In cooking we've made kale chips and gluten-free cinnamon sugar cookies.

Please remember children are always invited to participate in projects but they do not always choose to join. One of our guest showed us how to make a fire using only sticks. When the Henry Vilas Zoo visited we got to pet a skunk. Swimming class has been going great. The children have been being safe by following directions. Thank you to the volunteers that have been able to join us.

We have also been enjoying taking walks and having picnics in the classroom as well as at the Goodman Park and on our playground.

Danni has most recently told the children the news that at the end of the summer she will need to say goodbye to everyone at Woodland because she is moving to Wyoming. We will miss her warmth and kindness very much.


Please remember to bring your child's water bottle daily or leave it at school.

Thank you to everyone that was able to stop at the Camp Store for a great cause!

Raquel, Jenn & Mai


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