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Elder Camp July in Review

Thank you so much to everyone that supported our Camp Store on Friday July 27th. You may or may not know what exactly you were supporting when you purchased your cookies, popcorn, pendant, or other "treasure" from the Elder Campers. Every summer our kids choose a charity to support as part of our commitment to giving back to our community and helping the world around us. The children present their ideas to the class in a "persuasive speech" at a class meeting. After we have heard from everyone who would like to present a campaign, the children each get a chance to cast their anonymous vote. When everyone has voted, we total up our final tallies and announce the charity for the summer.

This summer the class selected a charity that doesn't get any more local - helping a classmate in need! Our dear Annika grew into a new wheelchair this summer and it is fantastic. However, it is also much bigger than her last and requires a ramp to get it into and out of her current van. With the addition of the ramp and the larger size of her chair, her family can no longer transport her walker as well. As such, she is limited in her choices for movement when she is not at school. The kids were really concerned about this change in her lifestyle and had very thoughtful conversations about what it would be like to only have a chair as an option for movement. With a wheelchair accessible van, Annika's family would be able to transport her needed equipment and all four members of their family! So, our child led fundraiser was born. The kids decided they would help Annika get a new van!

We have three child-led fundraisers happening this summer. The first is our "penny wars" competition. Earth vs Sky.... who can end up with the most pennies?? Dollar bills count for 100 pennies, but silver coins subtract pennies! This friendly competition will result in a pizza or ice cream party for all of our campers with the winning team deciding what will be on the menu!

The second fundraiser was our Camp Store. This event was organized primarily by the class with a committee charged with the task of overseeing the details. Our eldest campers often take the lead on these projects, and under the skillful guidance the class had a very successful day of selling! After the class counted and recounted the cash box, subtracted our initial loan, and double checked their math they came up with a total of $448.23 raised in just one day! Wow! So much to be proud of.

Our final fundraiser will happen on August 17th. The kids have decided to host a garage sale at Woodland. Families are welcome to donate items to the garage sale and the children will price and organize them in preparation for the sale. They have also opted to have another Camp Store booth at the garage sale as well.

If you would like to make a donation to Annika's family outside of these fundraising options, please consider donating to their GoFund Me page. Feel free to share this link to others who may be so inclined to support this worthy cause.



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