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Important Dates - August

Summer Camp Dates

Wednesday, August 1st: Tai Chi with Sarah

Thursday, August 2nd: Preschool Yoga with Colleen (little om BIG OM)

Friday, August 3rd: Swimming Lessons

Tuesday, August 7th: Summer Science

Friday, August 10th: Swimming Lessons

Tuesday, August 14th: Dr. John McKenna

Friday, August 17th: Swimming Lessons


End of Camp

Thursday August 23 Last day of Elder Camp

Friday August 24 Last day of Camp Woodland

Friday August 24 Last day of school for Toddler House

Friday August 24 Fall Preparation Day for Elder Camp teachers

Elder Camp (6- to 9-year olds) ends at 9:00p on Thursday, August 23rd after their annual lock-in party. The Elder Camp staff (6- to 9-year old teachers) utilize an extra closing day on Friday, August 24th to transition and ready Classroom 3 & Classroom 4 for the returning school year teachers.

Camp Woodland (Classroom 1 & Classroom 2) and the Toddler House (Toddler 1 & Toddler 2) will be open on Friday August 24th.


Fall Preparation Week

Mon-Fri August 27-31 Fall Preparation Week—School Closed

All of our programs at Woodland are closed for Fall Preparation Week as our staff prepares materials, cleans classrooms, and participates in several trainings and professional development opportunities (this year CRASE training, CPR, and Outdoor Classroom Conference takeaways). We will also be facilitating some building maintenance projects.


Orientations for New & Transitioning Students

Friday August 31 Orientations for new and transitioning students

Please refer to your enrollment email for information regarding your child's orientation on Friday, August 31st. If you have any questions, please contact Kristin Knutson.


Board of Directors' Welcome Picnic

Friday, August 31 Board of Directors’ Welcome Picnic - 4-6:30pm

Join us on the playground at Olin Park for a casual gathering organized by the Woodland Board of Directors'. Bring your own picnic if you'd like, or just gather to meet new Woodland families and reconnect with returning friends. Ask questions of Woodland parents that you forgot to ask at orientation earlier that same day and see who's in your classroom. Learn about the exciting new room parent program!


First Day of School

Monday September 3 Labor Day—School Closed

Tuesday September 4 First day of school for returning students

Wed-Fri September 5-7 Staggered start dates for new students

If your child attended Woodland during the 2017-2018 school year they will start school on September 4th. All new families may reference their enrollment email or tuition agreement for their child's start date.


First Community Events

Mark your calendar and watch your inbox for more information on the first month of introductory events. These community education and gathering events are important moments for all of us to transition into the new school year together.

See you there!

Wednesday September 12 Introduction to the Three -Year Montessori Cycle (5:30p - 6p)

Wednesday September 12 Parent Night—Immersion in the Montessori Materials (6p - 7p)

Friday September 14 Koffee Klatch—Meet new parents and enjoy coffee (8a - 10a)

Monday September 17 Board of Directors Meeting

Tues-Wed September 18-19 Individual & Class Photos for C1, C2, C4, Kindergarten

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