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Toddler 1 July in Review

It is an exciting part of the work cycle to observe how the child chooses to engage with the material. The extended work period is also stimulating and satisfying for the child as they experience the physical manifestation of their natural drive and curiosity. This child built a tower as she has done many times before, but on this day her focus and concentration led her to create her own extension of the work. Pride in accomplishments is an additional practical life component of the activity. After the child in these photos completed her work, she came to the teacher and said, “I matched all the colors!”

Classroom News and Updates:

1. Our friend Ezekiel will be making the transition to Toddler Two in August. Congratulations to Ezekiel on reaching this exciting milestone. We’re happy we will still see you on the playground. 2. We will be joined by a new friend, Solin (David Wahle’s son) in August. Welcome Solin, we’re excited to meet you. 3. Becky will be on vacation Mon July 30-Friday August 3. Our beloved floats Alicia (M-W) and Trina (Th-F) will substitute.

Time with our Woodland intern, Sydney:

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