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Wild Harvest Nature Connection

"Our nature connection programs involve intentional mentored time in the outdoors. The foundation of our mentoring is finding each person’s curiosities & passions and asking questions to lead the learning. Our programs are designed to instill a sense of community; to deepen relationships to oneself, to others, & to nature; while bringing out natural powerful human attributes like empathy, happiness, & being truly helpful to name a few. Our hope is that each child/person will grow into their gifts and we design our programs to support this. Not only do people gain understanding and knowledge about the natural world and primitive skills & crafts, they also learn skills for life such as awareness, quiet mind, peacemaking, good conduct, intentional action, reflective processes, etc."

This month, both Camp Woodland and Elder Camp had the opportunity to work with Wild Harvest Nature Connection. In early July, Alex and Heather came to our playground to work with the younger children on how to make fire through friction. They watched a demonstration on the materials needed and then anyone who wanted to had the chance to try blowing the kindling bundle and rubbing the stick between their hands.

Elder camp made the trip out to Indian Lake this week. All of the older children had the chance to try bow drills and hand drills to make friction fire, they played nature nature games, and trekked out into the marsh for pond exploration. All of this was done with care, close supervision and attention to their curiosity and questions.


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