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  • Erin R Trondson

Fall Preparation Week - why is Woodland closed this week?!?!

Cleaning, Organizing and Preparing the Classrooms

While I am sure that in many households this week you can hear these words said in an exasperated manner, I want to express gratitude for this time we have as a staff. As employees at a school, we only have 9 times a year to gather as a full staff (12 if you work during the summer) at our staff meetings at 5:30 pm once a month (not the most inspirational time slot). We use this week to unify visions among teams, solidify ground rules and procedures, participate in mandatory and needed trainings, clean, repair materials, tweak schedules, and lovingly prepare our classrooms. Adequate professional and planning time is one of the things WMS staff report as a reason for the impressive staff longevity at our school, according to our annual staff survey. The way in which Woodland honors its teachers as professionals creates this high quality environment to care for children. I know this week is challenging for families, but please note that it supports making the remaining 51 weeks amazing!

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