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  • Erin R Trondson

Welcome to Woodland & Montessori

We are thrilled to be starting the 2018-2019 school year! I thought I would take this opportunity to refresh our community about some of the hallmarks of the Montessori philosophy.

When you enter our school you may notice:

  • Child-centered environments (instead of teacher-centered)

  • Child-led activities (instead of adult-led activities)

  • Teachers as guides often in the periphery formally observing children

  • Materials and toys that we call “work” (Dr. Montessori noted that children love to work and need to contribute to their communities—we refer to their activities as “work”)

  • Real “work” opportunities for children like window washing and carrot cutting (instead of the adults doing this work)

  • Carefully prepared environments that support positive child guidance (we create a “yes” environment instead of a “no” environment)

  • Respect for individual learning styles (there is no cookie-cutter 4-year-old)

  • “Real” materials that are child-sized (a real hammer made to fit the child’s hand instead of a plastic hammer)

  • “Practical life” activities such as setting tables, pouring, stirring, sewing, buttoning, cooking, scrubbing, and preparing snack.

  • Highly trained teachers (did you know it takes up to 3 years to complete your Montessori training and this is typically after your bachelor’s degree?!)

We love our little school that has been serving children and families for almost 50 years! We are so glad you are here! Please never hesitate to find me or your Lead Teacher to discuss Montessori philosophy, and mark your calendars for the many parent education opportunities we have planned this year including our first one on September 12th: Immersion in the Montessori Materials!

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