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  • Kelly McKenna Patterson

Introducing Our Specialists

Lisa Berry - Diversity & Equity

Woodland has developed an Anti-Bias Curriculum and Diversity Statement which we honor throughout our programs. Our onsite Diversity & Equity Coordinator serves as a resource and works in tandem with the staff to improve inequities, celebrate diversity, and provide ongoing support to the community at WMS honoring our commitment to diversity at an institutional, as well as a practical, level.

Jill Jaworski - Inclusion

Our Inclusion Specialist supports Woodland with expertise and experience in both Montessori and special needs inclusion. At WMS we work to adapt environments and support all students with different physical, cognitive, or behavioral needs. WMS puts the lens of inclusion on all decisions we make at Woodland to ensure all people are always included in the work we do here at Woodland.

Ambra Baldwin Hart - Nature Based Education

Our school explores nature at a deep level. We incorporate Montessori's ideas and commitment to nature into our Outdoor Classroom. Our Enrichment Coordinator facilitates work with children in the gardens, cooking seasonally, extending our classroom work into the outdoors, taking outings to be mindful in the outdoor world, and more. WMS values the significance of our relationship to the natural world in every decision we make at Woodland.

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