• Jennifer Hoyt

Classroom 1 September in Review

Classroom 1 has settled in beautifully to the morning work cycle. Our new friends are learning

how to work in the classroom and the returning students have been eager to get back to work.

During line time we have been doing group lessons on using a work rug, getting work out and

putting it away and how to interrupt a teacher when you want to tell them something and they

are working with another friend. At lunch time we are getting to know the friends at our lunch

table and learning how to take turns talking and listening to others. It has been a busy first few


The fall festival is October 5th, we will spend much of the morning outside so please dress your child appropriately.

In October we will start our book sharing day, each child will be given a week in which they can choose a day to bring a favorite book from home to share with the class at line time. Parents are welcome to come in and read the story to the children if their schedule allows. I will send a schedule out to families next week, if the week you are assigned doesn’t work just let me know and we will figure out a better time. Book sharing time will happen at 10:45 am, this is during line time, if parents choose to come in to read the story they are welcome to stay and have lunch with their child that day.

The children have been eager to dive into the Montessori materials. The new friends are

learning about what works are available to them and which works will require several lessons

before they are ready for them. The Montessori classroom is set up so that the lessons build

upon each other. There is a sequence in which the lessons are presented to the children based on foundational skills that area needed to move ahead to more challenging materials. Before a child can learn an academic task, the skills of order, concentration, coordination and movement are needed. These are skills that are developed in the practical life and the sensorial areas of the classroom. The ability to concentrate, focus and basic coordination skills are necessary later on when learning to read and write. The Montessori materials are amazing in that many of them provide extensions in learning for the child once they have mastered the basic skill. The younger children will often watch the older children working with a material that they are not quite ready for yet, this motivates them to want lessons on the materials that are needed to reach the goal of being ready for the challenging material. Children that have mastered lessons on materials can give the younger children a lesson on a materials they haven’t used yet, this is a beautiful moment to observe in the classroom.

- Jennifer Hoyt

Late-Day News

The children from both Classroom 1 and Classroom 2 are now fully immersed in late day work. Both classes are thrilled to be together in the afternoon and love bonding with friends they do not see in the morning. Some of the favorite late day shelf works are building with Duplo Lego, constructing a marble run, and turning Magna-Tiles into a home or car for cat miniatures. During line time we have been taking time to learn about each other’s family and practicing counting by sharing who is in our family.

-Mai Thao and Paula Nowaczyk


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