• Angie Olson

Classroom 2 September in Review

Classroom Two is a busy place! The children are learning one another's names, learning to interact with each other and the materials in respectful ways, to choose work they are interested in, to eat politely together, to be a bit more independent, and also to

help each other when needed. Together, we are learning the basics of a peaceful and focused classroom.

Beginning in October, we will begin learning to speak and listen to one another in a large group (otherwise known as Show & Share). This popular activity will take place each Wednesday at 10:30. Ideally, we would be learning from the items that your child chooses to bring in. Some ideas might be rocks, leaves, seeds, feathers, coins, photos, favorite books, musical instruments, post cards, pictures or art.

Please leave all plastic toys at home. We will remind children that stuffed animals are for rest/nap only. Thank you for your help with this, it really is a great experience for everyone.

Take care and thank you for all you are doing for making the beginning of this year so great!

Angie & Jenn

Late-Day News

The children from both Classroom 1 and Classroom 2 are now fully immersed in late day work. Both classes are thrilled to be together in the afternoon and love bonding with friends they do not see in the morning. Some of the favorite late day shelf works are building with Duplo Legos, constructing a marble run, and turning Magna-Tiles into a home or car for cat miniatures. During line time we have been taking time to learn about each other’s family and practicing counting by sharing who is in our family.

-Mai Thao and Paula Nowaczyk


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