• Raquel Diaz, Lisa Berry, Matt

Classroom 3 September in Review

Hello Classroom 3 families,

It has been such an amazing start to the school year. Lisa, Matt and I cannot be more happy with our team, the wonderful group of children and families, and our beautiful class.

Teachers and students have now established close bond. The children are beginning to feel relaxed, and are gaining confidence in their independence in the environment. The children are forming friendships and enjoying the consistency of each day. They are learning how to work together cooperatively. Our morning work cycles have been very busy doing lots of new and challenging hard work. Some of our favorites include hammering, scooping, wiping up spills, mopping, transferring objects with tweezers, cutting, pasting circles, painting, and working with play dough.

Please remember all Montessori materials were created for a purpose, or with a direct aim in mind. For example, the aim of the practical life activities are to develop coordination, concentration, control of movement and independence. The materials isolate a concept and allows for repetitive practice because the child develops a sense of satisfaction through their mastery of the task. The practical life materials also directly prepare the child to perform the work of an adult for enjoyment, rather than as a chore.

Another exciting part of our day is line time. The time of day when we all gather together on the line to practice different types of movements. We practice walking heel to toe, jumping, tip toeing, twirling, dancing, squatting and sitting on the line. We also take this time to sing our favorite songs and say riddles and rhymes. During this time we also do group presentations on how to properly roll up a rug, how to wipe a runny nose, and how to thoroughly wash our hands, to name just a few. Soon after line time we head outside rain or shine to explore our outdoor classroom. We often spend 45 minutes to an hour outside. Then we come in and prepare for lunch and nap time.

Thank you for keeping your child's extra clothes baskets stocked and please continue to send rain jackets and boots for rainy days!


Late day friends are starting to settle in! Some of our friends, we've discovered, are big time sleepers, and if the sun is deciding to hide behind some clouds, they can doze for quite an impressive amount of time. When they wake, we have gotten pretty good and fast at gathering all of our nap belongings, using the bathroom, and having some snack. At the beginning of the year, we had friends from C4 come and we'd share snack and a space inside to get to know each other. Now that we are a crew of familiar faces, we've been getting them outside as fast as possible--we discovered, believe it or not, that post-nap kiddos have abundant energy, and that a relatively small classroom's walls can be an impeding factor in getting that positive power out of their little bodies--so we'll see you on the playground when you come back to pick up!

We are here to guide the children and to support families in any way we can. It has been a pleasure getting to know you and we look forward to a fantastic year together!


Lisa, Matt, and Raquel


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