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  • Kelly McKenna Patterson

Photography Program

Woodland provides a unique communication tool for parents. In contracting with a professional photographer, the school can provide a beautiful peek into the indoor and outdoor classrooms every week.

A little about the program

My name is Kelly, I used to be a teacher at Woodland and I've been a connected to this community since 2007. My own littles go here (one is an alum). I am a Photographer both at school and in my own business and the Communications Coordinator for Woodland.

Every week, I have the enormous privilege of working with the talented teachers at school to pop into the each classroom and take pictures of the children working. The children get used to me pretty quickly and the teachers are so great at pointing out work they'd love me to capture in the moment.

How do I access the Photos?

For security purposes, the galleries are private. All emails have been added to "invited user" lists. Please bookmark the galleries and save your passwords. You can access the galleries from here with your password:

How are they organized?

Every week, you'll get a reminder that the photos are updated. The photos will be organized by month and saved in the galleries for the year. Feel free to put a little heart by the photos of your child and download just your little one at the end of the year! Or download a favorite or two when they pop up.

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