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2018/2019 Community Education Series

I am excited to announce the 2018/2019 WMS Community Education Series. This year we are offering a wide range of times and topics. Please mark your calendars now to support your development as a parent or an educator!

Navigating being a parent can sometimes feel like such a challenge. With the ups and downs your family experiences, you may feel alone in this journey. We are here to let you know that we’ve got your back (and we’ve been there too)! Your community at Woodland is here to support you through these uncertain times and work together to shed some light on a few of the challenges we all face.

Here is a full list of our Community Education Series open to Woodland parents and educators for free! Find more details about the different events below:

  • Talking to Your Children About Danger AND Child Guidance—8:45a-10:15a on Friday, November 2nd at Lakeside Street Coffee House

  • Presence vs. Presents: Finding Joy Within the Holidays—8:45a-10:15a on Friday, December 7th at Lakeside Street Coffee House

  • Waking Up White - book discussion—1:30p-3p on Saturday, Jan 26th at Lakeside Street Coffee House

  • What is Normal?: Navigating Child Development—8:45a-10:15a on Friday, February 1st at Lakeside Street Coffee House

  • The Road to Justice Board Game—1:30p-3p on Saturday, February 16th at Lakeside Street Coffee House

  • Montessori In the Home—5:30p-7p on Wednesday, March 13th at Woodland (childcare available)

  • Selecting Children’s Books with a Diversity & Equity Lens—1:30p-3p on Saturday, March 16th at Lakeside Street Coffee House

  • Child Guidance (discipline) Panel - bring your questions & scenarios—5:30p-7p on Wednesday, April 17th at Woodland (childcare available)

Friday Coffees

8:45a to 10:15a

Lakeside Street Coffee House (lower level)

Nov 2nd, Dec 7th, Feb 1st

General Parenting Topics

Join Ambra Baldwin Hart, Erin Trondson, and other Woodland teachers and specialists for our Friday Coffees at Lakeside Street Coffee Shop. During this time we will share some tips and info from our own experiences as well as offer the opportunity for our parents to chat and share ideas together. Please bring your questions, stories, and insights. We look forward to coming together as a community to support one another!

Our first coffee is November 2nd from 8:45a to 10:15a. Our topic for this week is two-fold: Talking to Your Children About Danger AND Child Guidance. After we all settle in with our warm beverages and have had a chance to chat, we will offer some concrete guidance on these topics followed by plenty of time for discussion and additional questions.

Can’t make this one? No problem! Join us for any of the following Friday Coffees:

  • Friday, December 7th—Presence vs. Presents: Finding Joy Within the Holidays

  • Friday, February 1st—What is Normal?: Navigating Child Development

RSVP to Ambra or Erin or simply show up!

Diversity & Equity Saturdays

1:30p to 3p

Lakeside Street Coffee House (lower level)

Jan, 26th, Feb 16th, March 16th

Join Lisa Berry, Erin Trondson, and other guests and specialists for our Diversity & Equity Saturdays at Lakeside Street Coffee House. These Saturdays are for adults (sorry no childcare available for these events) at Lakeside Street Coffee House. Please join us on three different Saturday afternoons, grab a cozy beverage, and participate in these important community discussions. Each event will be loosely guided by the topics, but will be largely informal and open for discussions and where the group takes us.

  • Saturday, January 26th—Waking Up White book discussion Please come having read the book. We will be discussing our main takeaways from the book. We would love your presence and participation as we try and unpack this important book.

  • Saturday, February 16th—The Road to Justice Board Game Join us to play the board game Road to Justice created and developed by Social Justice educator Kesa Kivel.

  • Saturday, March 16th—Selecting Children’s Books with a Diversity & Equity Lens Join us for a discussion of how to select Children's Books with a diversity and equity lens. Which books do we need to retire? Which books initiate important conversations? Which books offer positive concepts, images, and values?

RSVP to Erin or Lisa or simply show up!

Evening Education Events

5:30p to 7p

Woodland Montessori School

March 13th & April 17th

Join Woodland teachers as we highlight our expertise! Childcare and pizza will be provided for your child (limited space available, please RSVP to Kristin) and light snacks for the grownups.

  • Wednesday, March 13th—Montessori In the Home (childcare available) Discover tips and ideas to continue the support of independence and empowerment at home!

  • Wednesday, April 17th—Child Guidance (discipline) Panel - bring your questions & scenarios (childcare available) A panel of WMS teachers will answer your discipline questions and frustrations. Bring us your challenges!

RSVP to Kristin for childcare


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