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  • Jennifer Hoyt

Classroom 1 October in Review

Classroom 1 Update

Classroom 1 has enjoyed learning about the solar system, a favorite work has been setting up

small models of the planets around the different orbits. We have also had an interest in snakes

so there has been a little bit of work done learning about different snakes and where they live.

In the next few weeks we will be exploring different dinosaur works in the classroom. We had a

fun fall festival day even though the weather wasn’t cooperative!

The weather is getting colder please make sure your child has appropriate clothing to play


We love to observe children in the classroom when they are so focused and concentrated on

their work, often the child’s tongue will be sticking out showing they are in deep concentration.

This type of focus and concentration happens daily in a Montessori classroom, children are

engaged and self motivated to do their “work”. The independence and the open 2.5 hour work

cycle allow the children the time they need to be fully immersed in their work. The photos this

month gave many examples of children experiencing deep concentration.

In the Montessori classroom we teach the letter sounds instead of the letter names, when

children know the letter sounds they can learn to read by phonetically sounding out the word. It

is an amazing process to watch the children combine the letter sounds to make a word.

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