• Angie Olson

Classroom 2 October in Review

October has been a wonderful and busy month for us in Classroom 2! We have begun our weekly specials and are really enjoying them! The specials are as follows: Environmental Education with Ambra, French with Adeline, Music with Lynn, an afternoon story time with Mary, and our classroom Show & Share.

We have also begun cooking and baking as part of our morning work period. Its so nice to see the children using their grace and courtesy to fully participate in and enjoy larger group activities together.

What is noticeably different this month, is the level of concentration the class has achieved. Each child has found several things they enjoy working on, repeating, mastering and even teaching to others. The result is a slower moving, calmer class, which allows for even more focus. The children are feeling confident and comfortable in this environment that was designed to support them, while they explore and learn together.


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