• Lisa Berry

Classroom 3 October in Review

Bonjuor Classroom 3 Families,

Our Month of October has been filled with starting our enrichment programs.

French with Adeline on Wednesday mornings, Outdoor enrichment with our Environmental specialist Ambra on Thursdays and Music with Lynn on Fridays.

We also have a few new friends that have joined us, Ray and James (twins) and Brooklyn. Madeline will become apart of our class very soon.

Welcome to the children and their Families!

With the weather changing and requiring us to put on more layers of clothing. We are encouraging the children to independently place their coats, hats and boots on by themselves.

A great quote, by Maria Montessori states " the essence of independence is to be able to do something for one's self."

Ask your child to show you how they put on their coat.


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