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  • Angie Olson

Classroom 2 November/December in Review

Welcome to the season of snow pants! The children in Classroom 2 have been working hard on putting on their own outdoor gear in a particular order that allows for free hands until the end of the process. “Snow pants, boots, coat, hat, mittens." Allowing the children a few extra minutes to get dressed on their own, allows them to feel capable and proud. These self-help skills give the children the confidence to try more challenging tasks in the future. Thanks for helping us by sending the appropriate gear and labeling everything you would like returned, if misplaced.

Indoors, we are purposefully adding more materials to the classroom. You may notice a child-sized workbench, the Montessori tone bells, and a large basket of dress-up on the “stage."

We will also engage in some more baking during the colder weather months. If you have a favorite holiday recipe or extra baked goods you would like to share with the class, we would love taste and appreciate them in the next few weeks! Hope all of you stay cozy and enjoy some special time with your children during the holidays!

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