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French with Adeline

Dear Woodland Families,

We started French enrichment on the same format we did last year, that is about 30 mins organized as follows:

First, the "Bonjour" song, then a story in French and a few activities (games and/or songs) counting up to 10 in French for each transition, and finally the "Au revoir" song.

However we decided, starting mid-November, to follow an approach that is going to be closer to the Montessori pedagogy, by devoting the first 15 mins to working with kids that are interested during the work cycle; followed by about 15 minutes at line with the whole class.

Please find here a few songs we enjoy together and that they may want to share with you.

1. head shoulder knees and toes, we actually do: "tête épaules genoux pieds, la bouche les oreilles les yeux le nez".

2. l'araignée gipsy (incy wincy/ itsy bitsy spider), we actually say: "mais le soleil revient; il a chassé la pluie, et l'araignée gipsy remonte à la gouttière" (where they just say "mais le soleil a chassé la pluie" in the video).

3. This is a classic for French gatherings, that I introduced in one classroom. It' s an incremential song, so you have to remember all previous body parts mentioned and add one per turn, somehow like a memory game. Find the lyrics in the version here.

And a bonus for you to surprise them: a song they haven't heard (too complex) but that francophone families may especially enjoy as each word is delicately chosen, unfolding a very poetic meaning!



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