• Ambra Baldwin Hart & Kate Schiffman

Kindergarten November/December in Review

Kindergarten has been all aglow since we returned from Thanksgiving break. The children were delighted to find out we would be attending Madison Ballet's performance of "The Nutcracker." We read numerous versions of the story, listened to music while discussing emotions we felt from the music, learned the story line of the ballet, and much more. The children arrived dressed to the nines and ready for the show! I don't think a single person was disappointed.... I can never decide which I like more, watching the ballet or watching the kids watch the ballet!

In addition to The Nutcracker, we have been enjoying Hanukkah traditions this year. In preparation for the season, Kate got out her dreidel and we polished it up. Lisa from C3 brought us her menorah to polish as well. Ella's mom, Leema, joined us to share some of Ella's favorite Hanukkah books and teach us some of their family traditions. Ayla's mom, Sabrina, joined us as well, teaching us how their family plays dreidel and lit Ayla's menorah. (You can follow this link here to see a short video on our Facebook page.)

As the days grow shorter, we will celebrate the light, turning our holiday attention to the solstice. We will look at the earth's distance from the sun, where we live, and why the days change length. In addition, Ambra will share some family traditions surrounding the solstice and bringing light into the dark.

Do you have a family holiday tradition you'd like to share? Let Kate or Ambra know! We'd love to have you join us!


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