• Erin Trondson

A Little Support For Our Community During This Time of School Closings

Dear Woodland Community, During my 21 years at Woodland, I have never witnessed a cold spell or school closing period like the one we are experiencing this week. I imagine that this is a very challenging time for many of our Woodland community members. If your household is like mine you are trying to figure out how to meet deadlines, get work done, enjoy the extra time with your children, parcel out work hours fairly with your partner, seek sitters and grandparents to help, limit screen time, find one more board game deep in the closet, wish you thought to pick up art supplies instead of bottled water on Monday, and work hard not to surrender to the feeling of cabin fever. In order to offer a small bit of support during this challenging time, we have decided to not close next Friday for our previously scheduled in-service day. WMS staff will work outside of business hours to complete the 25 hours of continuing education required annually by the Department of Children and Families. We miss your children terribly, it is way too quiet here. We can't wait to be back in session (hopefully) tomorrow! Warmly, Erin


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