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Classroom 3 January in Review

Hello and Happy New Year!

As the school year is starting off in the new year, we are continuing to see the children developing more independence.

“When a child is given a little leeway, he will at once shout, ‘I want to do it!’ But in our schools, which have an environment adapted to children’s needs, they say, ‘Help me to do it alone.’ And these words reveal their inner needs.”

~Maria Montessori

Maria Montessori believed that child development starts to show independence from the time they leave the womb. The Practical Life area is a space that our classroom enjoys to spend most of their morning work cycle, to foster and support this independence. Doing pouring, scrubbing the baby, and transferring pom pom’s with the tweezers.

Because the innate desire for independence and personal growth is especially prevalent in the toddler years, the child needs to be free to choose the work that most interests her at this specific time in her development. We encourage the child to continue to do things for themselves. It great to see the children opening their own lunch containers and putting on their winter gear.

During the time off my family and I sat around a fire and had wonderful conversations. We ask each other great questions. Below are a few questions to ask your child. It’s our hope that it brings great conversations.

What is your funniest face?

What is your favorite bird?

If you were invisible where would you go?

Lastly we would like to Thank You for your kindness and generosity during the Holiday season. It brought each of us such joy!


Raquel, Lisa, and Matt

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