• David Wahle

Classroom 4 January in Review

Hello from classroom four. It was so nice to see the children greeting one another after winter break. The hugs and high fives were wonderful to witness! We also saw how much they missed doing their work. The first week back were some of the quietest days all year, as all of the children were concentrating on the tasks at hand.

We have started our solar system unit. We have books, puzzles, pictures, coloring papers, little rockets and more to help the children begin to understand our solar system.


For physical geography, we will give the child the basic forms of landmass. We will use models, pictures, and books to bring this information to the child. We will also talk about climate zones and how they effect the people who live in them. For political geography, we will look at the division of the world that have been made by humans.

Geography as a whole is open ended. We must follow each child's interest and supply them with the information they are seeking. Geography work is done to teach the child about the society in which they live and others around the world. This will help the child to realize that they are not only a member of their society, but a member of the world.


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