• Ambra Baldwin Hart

Clear the Hundred Board!

We are going to get creative this February and introduce a new fundraiser for our Financial Assistance/Scholarship Fund, using our own version of The Hundred Board. Outside of Kristin’s office, you will see a large version of The Hundred Board with 100 white envelopes on it. We would like to invite you and your child to select an envelope and donate the amount listed on the front. You can deposit your contribution in the envelope into the tuition box located outside of Classroom 1.

The Hundred Board is a material that is seen in most Montessori preschool classrooms and is remembered by many who attended a Montessori preschool. This work consists of a board with 100 blank squares and 100 tiles, numbered 1 - 100. The child works to place the tiles on the board in order, first by matching them with a control chart that was placed on the board. Next she places the numbers without the control chart. Once the child has become versed in the rote counting and number recognition of 1 - 100, she is invited to create different patterns on the board with the tiles. For example, she may place the tiles that are “even” numbers only, or perhaps those that are multiples of three. This simple material offers many levels of comprehension and grows as the child develops her math skills.

Our goal is to have 100 envelopes selected in the month of February and clear all 100 tiles off the board! If we are able to “Clear The Hundred Board”, we will have raised over $5000! That’s right - those 100 envelopes will add up quickly! We are looking forward to seeing everyone participate at a level that feels comfortable to each individual family. Together, we can make a big impact.

This game will be the first of more to come for our “Parents Night Out” fundraiser in May. We are very excited to announce some changes to this fun event and we are looking forward to an evening of games and music to raise money for Financial Assistance/Scholarship Fund. For now, be sure to save the date - May 18th at Hotel Red. Stay tuned for more information!

In the meantime, let’s Clear The Hundred Board!


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