• Becky Jones

Toddler 1 January in Review

Based on her observations, Maria Montessori concluded that birth to three is a period when the unconscious, absorbent mind of the child is building the foundation for early learning.

We felt these photos were a good example of toddlers making independent work choices that reflect what they are taking in from their everyday surroundings and relationships. It is also clear that the Montessori work period is the perfect opportunity for the toddlers to follow their inner guide, drawing them to just the activities they need to meet their unique stages of development.

Our classroom is complete! We welcomed a new friend in December who has already blended right in with the routines and activities.

This month we added some new works in our sensory area. The children were so far along the way to mastering Color Box 1 that we just had to add Color Box 2. The child in the photo works on an even further extension, matching the color tablets to the felt circles.

Friendship Day and Pancake Breakfast, FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 15: Toddler One will also celebrate this favorite occasion. Wear your pajamas to school!! We will have pancakes and syrup with blueberries for snack.

Becky Jones, Carolina Diaz and Tia Thao


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