• Adeline Luchesi

C4 Late Day: January

The C4 late day group seizes the opportunity of its intimate size to try out some activities to honor our Diversity and Equity commitment, at a rate of about one activity per month.

So far we have talked about diversity in nature, as displayed by the leaves through fall; about the diversity of our preferences - focusing on food; Thanksgiving was an occasion to mention fairness and unfairness in a light, child-appropriate way and to then talk about our families, traditions and best memories.

We are moving towards other favorite people and activists of all kinds (environment, race, gender...) who will be introduced briefly with an empowering emphasis on kids who aim to change the world! Trying to keep it all connected, our work around colors previously done with the leaves has recently been approached in relationship with skin tones and following the beautiful and playful suggestion of Lisa Berry, our Diversity and Equity Coordinator, the kids enjoyed mixing colors to get different shades of brown and try and match it with their own skin color! How fun!

The following months will be devoted to love, kindness and solidarity. We will hopefully support neighboring associations such as the Road Home or the Friends of the State Street Family by cooking for them. We will also start a pen pal with a French classroom to show we can build bridges with people outside our community.

Towards the end of the year, we will celebrate cultural differences; I will prepare crepes with the kids to share for Mardi Gras and we will loop back to their favorite traditions and the fact each family or community can create their own too. We will regularly come back to the notion of fairness/unfairness using books and kids-life based scenarios but also brainstorming together to work on what could be done differently to correct such situations and actions. We will end the year by expressing our gratitude for it, and for our friendships.


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