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  • Ambra Baldwin Hart

Clear the Hundred Board - Deadline Extended

What a February we’ve had! Between the snow and the cold, it feels like we missed much of our month of friendship and love…..

Even with all of the “winter weather days” we feel the love in our classrooms every day. We hope you feel it too. Montessori education is our passion, and we strive to provide a high quality learning environment for your kids, regardless of race, gender, or socio-economic status.

We believe that one of the things that makes Woodland so unique is our strong and solid sense of community. It is this community that comes together in times of need. It is this community that supports one another when faced with a hardship.

So we are turning to our community of current and past families, friends, and relatives to help us build our financial assistance fund. We would hope to never turn a family away due to financial reasons. Our financial assistance fund is a vital component to making Woodland such a magical place.

Please join us in “Clearing the Hundred Board”, a fun Montessori fundraiser designed to build our financial assistance fund. If we are able to clear every tile from the Hundred Board, we will have succeeded in raising over $5,000 for families in need.

Participation is simple - select an envelope, donate the amount written on the front of the envelope, and drop it into the tuition box by the upstairs office. Not a current Woodland family? Not a problem! Connect with us via social media or email and we are more than happy to select the envelope of your choice. You can send a check or donate electronically to fulfill the amount shown.

Let’s “Feel the Montessori Love” and clear this board before spring break! Wisconsin winter weather won’t get the best of us this year! We can rally and come out on top with 100 donations by March 25th.

Thank you so much for supporting all of our families, and in turn supporting the wonderful work we do here at Woodland.


Ambra Baldwin Hart

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