• Raquel Diaz

Classroom 3 February in Review

Greetings, Classroom 3 Families,

February has been a wonderful month full of exciting experiences. Thank you so much to all of the families that were able to contribute food to our wonderful pancake breakfast. The breakfast was delicious, and it was a great time to share and celebrate our friendship together.

We would also like to give a special thanks to our family that came to share how their family in Mexico makes piggy banks. Each child was given their own special piggy bank to paint and decorate with stickers to take home. Each child enjoyed looking at the poster with pictures of the process of how Lucia's (Citlali's mom) family in Mexico makes these beautiful hand made piggy banks. Thank you for sharing this experience with our classroom.

Each week in C3 we have been cooking, as preparing food is a big part of the Montessori classroom. It helps develop independence and confidence as the child sees they can make food themselves. It also helps develop organizational skills, as things must be done in a certain order for a recipe to be successful. Measuring ingredients and deciphering recipes are also great ways to practice math and reading skills in a real-life situation. Young children can help with things like gathering, measuring, and adding ingredients. They also assist in mixing, scooping, and scrubbing fruits and vegetables. It's always fun for your child to help clean up afterwards. If your child enjoys helping in the kitchen, you can always invite them to join you. So far we have made sweet potato fries, muffins, banana bread, oatmeal, smoothies, kale chips, mac and cheese, and by far our favorite, cheese empanadas. The children really enjoy the process of helping, and feel a sense of pride in helping make our classroom's snack. We are hoping to make pizza, roasted vegetables, guacamole, hummus, granola, popcorn, homemade butter, and rice and beans. We would happily accept any baking ingredients or fresh fruit and vegetable donations to continue making cooking fun and exciting.

This month we have the pleasure of having a student teacher, Karreil, from M.A.T.C. on Tuesdays and Thursdays. She is studying early childhood eduction and will be joining our classroom for the rest of the semester. Please feel free to welcome her if you happen to see her, as this is her first Montessori experience.

Please remember that if you and your family would like to come in and share a book, family experience, or tradition, we would love to have you, and you are always welcome. Just remember to email Lisa or me to work out a good time.

We look forward to the rest of this winter season together and hope you all stay healthy and warm.

Lisa, Matt and Raquel


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