• Becky Jones

Toddler 1 February in Review

We love our enrichment activities!

On Tuesdays we do yoga with Miranda. She leads us in stretching and breathing poses. We look at the book ‘Polar Bear Polar Bear What Do You Hear’ and follow the movements of the animals. At the end, we sing the Namaste song to the light in each of us.

Wednesdays we look forward to music class with Corey. The toddlers look out the window and say “Corey’s coming!” “Corey’s bringing his guitar!” We practice rhythm and tapping to the beat with egg shakers. We shake and shimmy to folk songs on the guitar. We dance with scarves and play in the classroom orchestra. We request our favorite song, ‘Trot Old Joe.’

We have added baking to our enrichment activities. Tia Thao generously donated her convection oven for our use, so now we can see and smell our creations right in our classroom. Check out the recent blog post Cooking with Toddlers for more detail.

A big thank you to parents for participating in the monthly fruit donation. It has been fun to talk about who has brought the snack and to thank our friends.


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