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  • Angie Olson

Classroom 2 April/May Newsletter

Welcome Spring! The children have been enjoying the interesting mix of melting ice, mud and puddles, as our playground changes daily. Please continue to send boots and inside shoes through this season, as it helps to keep our floors clean for work and naps. Your child is welcome to wear one of Woodland’s many adjustable rain suits. Our classroom also has a few extra pairs of rain boots, for days when your child’s are too wet to wear. Making sure your child has a full extra change of clothes for changing at school is also very helpful to us all. In anticipation of warmer weather, we have added several life cycle materials (bee, ladybug, butterfly, beetle, frog, turtle, worm, and plant) to our Science area and a large seashell collection to our sensory table. We have read a few books about caring for the Earth in simple ways (shutting off lights/water when not in use, using just the paper we need, reusing materials and walking or biking when possible).

As a class, we plan to grow a few plants from seeds to contribute to our school garden beds. We will take a few neighborhood walks to collect trash with a large grapple and take notice of all the Spring birds, flowers and insets. It is a very fascinating time of year for the young child, so make sure to allow a couple extra minutes here and there, for wonder and careful observation.

Unrelated to Spring, but worth noting...we found a couple of manual grinders in our closet and the children having have loved grinding coffee, spices, and anything else they are curious about. If you have such things to share, we would love to crush them!

Remember that you are always welcome to have lunch, share a favorite book, snack or special interest with the class, we would love to have you! Take care, Angie, Jenn, Mai and Paula

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