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Classroom 4 April/May Newsletter

The classroom has been abuzz with tracing maps and animal/plant puzzles. Map tracing is great for showing where different continents are on the earth and giving us a chance to talk about what life is like for people that live there. When working with the animal and plant puzzles we talk abut the life cycle, colors, vertebrates, and invertebrates. We play matching games and memory games. As with most of Montessori’s materials there are extensions to meet every child where they are in their development. With both the maps and puzzles as the children grow they will build on their skills, perfecting their work each time they choose it.

Please remember to check your children’s extra clothes. Some items might not fit anymore. They all seem a little taller! Also with spring weather the playground can be a messy place. Please help by sending rain boots or boots that can get muddy.

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