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Summer 2019 Programming Updates

We are looking forward to warmer weather and thinking about our summer programs here at Woodland!

At Woodland, we support a work/life balance for our employees and several of our teachers choose to take the summer off. This change in our staffing patterns results in us doing our best to keep one of your child's academic year teachers with your child during the summer months, and/or placement in their usual classroom, and/or placement in their assigned classroom for fall. That said, there is typically some shuffling that needs to happen for the summer programming to come together.

As always, the Toddler House programming stays the same. Please note, the Toddler House will be open during the Camp Preparation Days in the Main Building (Monday, June 17th; Tuesday, June 18th; and Wednesday, June 19th 2019).

The first day of Camp Woodland and Elder Camp is on Thursday, June 20th 2019.

If your preschool-aged child is enrolled this summer, the preschool programs in the Main Building will combine into two Camp Woodland classrooms (Classroom 1 & Classroom 2). This year, the Classroom 3 & Classroom 4 children will join either C1 or C2 for Camp Woodland. Placement details and the teaching team will be announced in the near future. As always, we put much thought into making every transition at Woodland as smooth as possible.

Finally, our Elder Camp program will on the lower level of the Main Building again this summer. The Elders will be in the combined classrooms of Classroom 3 & Classroom 4.

It is shaping up to be another wonderful summer!



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