• Christine Anderson

Mini-Monet in Classroom 4

Mini-Monet This year classroom four made a project inspired by Claude Monet' s waterlily paintings.

We talked about impressionism and squinting your eyes to try and see the world around you as colors letting details disappear. We began by using water color paints and creating backgrounds with blues and greens and purples.

Then all of the students drew lily pads and vines by dipping oil pastels/cray-pas into acrylic paint and using them to make mixed media and multi-colored lines and shapes that felt as cool to do as they look.

It never ceases to amaze me, that even with all of the kids working from the same inspiration, with the same direction, and the same materials, every piece is unique. All of the kids worked so well together and were thoughtful and respectful of the materials and their peers.


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