• Raquel Diaz

Painting in C3

With the auction right around the corner we have been working so hard to finish our classroom projects. We have two projects we have been working on, an individual project and a group collaboration project.

This year in Classroom 3 we have had ongoing conversations about our differences and similarities. One difference that children notice but often aren't encouraged to talk about is skin tone. Throughout the year we have asked the children to examine their skintone.

Each of us has skin but everyone's skintone is a different color because of the amount of melanin. The more melanin you have in your skin, hair or eyes the darker the pigment. The lighter the pigment of your skin, hair, and eyes the less melanin. We decided to create an auction project that reflects this theme.

In our individual project each child was given a canvas and got to choose there favorite acrylic paints colors to create there painting. When the painting was dry we then blended paints to create our own unique skin tones to hand print over the painting.

Underneath each hand print the word Hello is written in each of the languages represented in our classrooms. The 6 languages include English, Spanish, French, Hebrew, Mandarin and Russian.

For the larger group project we have painted a world map using the same colors as our Montessori world globe with each child's handprint around the world.

We'd hope you'd join us at the auction on May 18th to purchase this one of a kind project your child worked so hard to make.


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