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  • Angie Olson

Classroom 2 June Newsletter

Last week, a Woodland alum, Miriam Hughes, stopped by and donated some adorable pieces of hand painted furniture to our classroom! We now have a fine frog table to arrange flowers on, and 3 beautifully painted chairs (raccoon, squirrel and skunk) in various places around the room. And yes, it might amuse us to have put the skunk chair in the bathroom. Thank you Miriam and family, we love them!

In the past couple weeks, we have enjoyed Grandparent’s Day, the Woodland Auction, and our Farm Sanctuary Field trip! Each event was well attended and went smoothly, thanks to your support.

The next important event is the All School Sing and Kindergarten talent show! This will take place on Friday, June 7th at 10 a.m. Please consider arriving early (9:30/9:45 am) to park and have coffee while waiting in line on the playground. When the children are settled, the adults will move into our classroom (C2) around 10 am. Each class will sing 2 songs, followed by a very entertaining kindergarten talent show! Your child will expect to see you or a close friend/relative in attendance. If possible, communicate with your child about plans for afterward. Whether your child leaves with you after the event or remains at school, a plan helps us all.

Finally, on Saturday, June 8th, there is the Woodland Community Potluck at a beautiful neighborhood park. See door postings or this newsletter for more details.

Thank you all so very much for being the kind, attentive and helpful families that you are! We really appreciate all that you do to make our days at Woodland so wonderful. Have a fantastic summer and we (Angie, Jenn, Mai and Paula) will all look forward to seeing you again in September! If not, please visit!! Take care!

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