• Adeline Luchesi

Late-Day Classroom 4 June Newsletter

We did it! We managed to do our one activity per month dedicated to Diversity and Equity challenge! And as a bonus, Lisa, our Diversity and Equity Specialist, came several times over a few months to our classroom! Let's review all the things that happened together:

  • In February, the group made some chocolate spread that I served on a Saturday at the Beacon with the Friends of the State Street Family to help feed our homeless population.

  • The crêpes made in March were delicious and we ended up making them not only for Mardi Gras but also at several other occasions! This was the opportunity for the kids to learn more about French traditions while enjoying quite a treat!

  • In April, we changed our pen pal plan into a more meaningful goal: we decided to keep in touch with our friends Olga and Dalia, French speakers from c2, who moved to California. How fun to send some mail! We should receive their letter soon!

  • From February until June, the kids worked regularly with Lisa, our Diversity and Equity Specialist, on skin tones and shades of brown rather than the traditional black/white dichotomy, making skin tone sticks and their portraits using cultural markers and beautiful resources. They also reflected about fairness/unfairness as they interacted, guided by Lisa and her book selection.

  • Last but not least, June being around the corner, it's already the end of a wonderful year, and we are grateful for the time we spent together! The kids have been invited to brainstorm about how they show other they love and appreciate them! The kindness meditation from headspace kids was a good way to start this discussion.

Merci, see you next year! A bientôt, Addy


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