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July 2019 Classroom 2

Hello Dear Classroom 2 Families!

It was been a wonderful start to summer! After an initial "feeling out" period--who are these new teachers telling us what to do anyway?--we're starting to really hit our stride. Children from old classrooms have adorably kept familiar bonds with each other, holding hands while shifting from work to work, and new friendships have started to form.

This week has focused on continents, specifically North America. We spoke of cities, states, and countries, and how they relate to our own living situations. It culminated in a walk to Bernie's Beach to look upon the capitol, discussing the governor and representatives, and how each state has its own. Did the inner workings of a governing republic totally sink in? Ask them! (Probably not. I mean, has it for you?)

Swimming started last week, and not a minute too soon with this unforgiving heat.

Thank you for trusting us with your lovely children. They surely brighten our days.

And a note from the Diversity and Equity Committee:

The Diversity and Equity committee would like to ask you guys to join us this summer to ask for donations to fill at least 50 backpacks. That we will give away to the following organizations:

Madison Schools


Chicago Montessori School

The items we are asking for are the following:

mechanical pencils

colored pencils





glue sticks



3-ring binders

pocket folders


notebook paper

graph paper

computer paper

flash drives

We have place a few containers at the entrance of the preschool door, toddler house and a box at top of the steps leading into Classroom 2.

The deadline for gathering supplies will end by July 31,2019.

We greatly appreciate your willingness and generosity!


Woodland Diversity and Equity Committee!


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