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July 2019 Elder Camp

Elder Camp has been off to a great start! We have enjoyed many trips to the beach, Franklin playground, and Goodman park. In addition, we have enjoyed our field trips to Heartland Farm Sanctuary and Blue Mound State Park as well as our weekly work at Goodman Youth Farm!

At Goodman Youth Farm, the kids really enjoy the opportunity to sample sample sample! This past week we enjoyed cherries, mulberries, strawberries, gooseberries, kale, pickled garlic scapes, peas, basil, chard, and more kale.... Did I mention the kale?! Yes - it's true. The kids ate so many different fruits and veggies! Wednesdays are a guaranteed win in the way of nutrition!

So - the field trips are wonderful and the farm is fantastic, but ultimately what we are doing at camp is so much bigger. I have already seen these kids decompress and become a more true version of themselves. At least it seems that way to us. Jill, Kate, Andrea and I have been reflecting on the powerful work that happens at camp. We create this safe space that is hidden inside board games, yarn, maker space, legos, and a science lab. It's all sparkly on the outside, but the big stuff comes from within. I am grateful every day to experience the rawness of what happens at camp. Children that may otherwise be afraid to open up about who they are feel safe enough to dip their toes in the water of a safe risk. Children work with those they may not have otherwise. Children are kind and pass no judgment of each other - something we could all take a lesson on! We are all so honored to see the magic that happens within Elder Camp. It is this work that is ultimately changing our future. Day by day at camp we support a strong group of children that are so mighty. We are so lucky.

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