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  • Becky Jones

July 2019 - Toddler 1

One of the best things about summer: Elder Camp helpers! Two young Woodland alumni from WMS Elder Camp visited last week to be assistant guides in the classroom. The toddlers were very engaged in some lessons about block stacking, mirror washing, and sitting on the line for story time. There were even some impromptu ballet steps being demonstrated. We look forward to many more visits from our older friends who have so much knowledge to share. In turn they seem to enjoy the challenging responsibility of being helpers to our learning community.

In the outdoor classroom, the water table has become a mini science lab for experiments in “sink and float” (Does this measuring cup sink or float? How about this rubber duck? This sieve?) There is lots of practice with pouring and water transfer. Many times we have seen children completely absorbed in concentration as they carefully carry a container of water all the way over to the sandbox, then dump it in—-very satisfying. Thank you to parents for sending water gear for our special Friday sprinkler days.

Happy Summer—- Becky, Carolina and Tia

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