• Becky Jones

Toddler 1 - August 2019

Toddler One had some fun with the sensory experience of a recent shaving cream art activity. The toddlers enjoy collaborative group projects. It was fun to feel the creamy textures, smell (and taste?!), and watch the colors mix together. And the clean up afterwards is just as fun!

We have had some perfect weather for Water Days this summer. We run through the sprinkler, splash in the puddles and try to fill up every container from the sandbox with water. The sprinkler also makes a great drinking fountain on a hot day.

We have had such an enjoyable year with these amazing children. It has been so rewarding to see so much growth in their language, social skills, concentration, physical abilities and independence. We are so grateful we have had the opportunity to be part of their learning experience. We are looking forward to seeing all they continue to accomplish at Woodland! Best, Becky Jones, Carolina Diaz and Tia Thao


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