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  • Kelly McKenna Patterson

Support Team Staff - 2019

Headshots of Woodland's support team

Diversity & Equity Education Specialist - Lisa Berry

I joined Woodland in 2012. I had the pleasure of being raised by an amazing Mom who was an Inclusion Teacher. That experience helped grow my passion which allowed me the opportunity to work with children for the past 20+ years.

I’m currently attending Seton Montessori Institute in pursuit of my 3-6 Montessori Certification.

If I’m not at Woodland I love to spend time with family and dear friends. I’m also a writer in the making and hope to write a book one day!

Inclusion Education Specialist - Jill Jaworski

I joined Woodland in 2016 as a substitute and fell in love with the school. I have my B.S. as well as my M.S. in Special Education from the UW Madison. I have my Montessori Paraprofessional Certification from Seton Montessori Institute.Prior to Woodland I was a nanny, worked in several inclusive early childhood settings, and provided therapy to children on the autism spectrum. When not at Woodland I am making art in all forms and spending time in the outdoors.

Program Support Specialist & Outdoor Education Specialist – Ambra Baldwin Hart

I joined Woodland in the Summer of 2009. I have worked with children through coaching, after school care, summer camps, and environmental education prior to my time at Woodland.

I have a B.S. Degree in Environmental Education as well as a 3-6 AMS Credential from Montessori Education Center of the Rockies.

If I’m not at Woodland, you’ll likely find me gardening, spending time outdoors, baking, being with my husband & 2 kids, and enjoying live music.

Education Support - Bernice Wahle

I joined Woodland in 1975. I’ve been a Montessori Teacher, Head of School, Program Director, Montessori Training Consultant, and Support Team Member.

I have a B.A. from UW Madison as well as a 3-6 Montessori Credential. I was also trained in the Orton-Gillingham approach to support children who may find reading a challenge.

Outside of Woodland you will find me with my family, friends and grandchildren. I also play Mahjong and travel the world.

CFO/Interim HOS – Jim Hansen

I joined Woodland in 2004. I have had experience working with children when I was an Adult Boy Scout Leader.

I have a B.S. Degree from UW Madison as well as a Graphic Design Degree from Madison College.

Outside of Woodland you can find me sculpting, painting, reading, and having fun with friends.

Registrar/Development Coordinator – Kristin Knutson

I was initially drawn to Woodland Montessori School because of it’s commitment to environmental stewardship and continue to be engaged with the Montessori philosophy and our strategic goals. I have an undergraduate degree from UW-Madison and a Paraprofessional Certificate from Seton Montessori Institute. I am grateful for the wonderful relationships I’ve developed with the people in our community since joining Woodland in 2010.

Human Resource Coordinator - Nick Speckman

I joined Woodland in 2015. Before joining Woodland I had career in Finance as a Director of Business Planning & Internal Consulting as well as General Manager of a Hotel in Northern WI.

I completed my Society of Human Resource Management training at UW Madison as well as my Montessori Paraprofessional Certification from Seton Montessori Institute.

Outside of Woodland you can find me enjoying Madison cultural festivities or spending time in beautiful Northern WI.

Facilities Manager - Aaron Mitchell

Head of School – Erin Trondson

I joined Woodland in 1997. I was a Montessori Teacher for many years, and have served as Head of School since 2002. I received my M.S. from the UW Madison in Education and my master's thesis won the Outstanding Thesis Award from AMS. I am also an Adjunct Professor at UW River Falls and a Field Visitor for the Seton Montessori Institute. Outside of Woodland you can find me with my family, eating well, doing yoga, or writing poetry.

Communications Coordinator/Photographer - Kelly McKenna Patterson

I joined Woodland in 2007 first as an assistant teacher in the toddler house, then the preschool. I left after the birth of my second child and came back in the role of school photographer and communications to combine my business with my love of Woodland. I have a B.S. in Child Development and Women's Studies from UW-Madison.

Outside of school, I love being outside with my children, our dog and our chickens. I love creating things, dancing, doing yoga, and exploring the world with my littles.

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