• Ambra Baldwin Hart

An Overview of Enrichment in the Montessori Classroom

Montessori classrooms are beautiful, stimulating, and enriching all on their own. So why do we add to this lovely morning magic that is already happening? At Woodland, we believe that it is important to provide the space and time for our children to engage in a variety of enriching opportunities. We know that children are constantly learning and picking up information from the environment around them. We also know that children thrive in an environment where they are allowed to work for long periods of time without interruption.

It is our belief that creating a space that balances the child’s ability to learn from their environment as well as the opportunity for an uninterrupted work cycle is in the best interest of the children. At Woodland you won’t often see the entire class working on the same project or activity. However, we do schedule regular enrichment programs that our children are invited to attend right in their classroom. Because the enrichment classes are thoughtfully prepared and lovingly presented, the children are often eager to join and look forward to the opportunity to join.

This year we are excited to offer yoga and music every week at Toddler House. These classes are just right for busy toddler bodies and minds! Miranda Maloney will visit each Toddler House class on Tuesdays for yoga, and Corey Mathew Hart will visit on Thursdays for “Music with Corey”.

The Preschool building is excited to offer exposure to a variety of languages this year. Each class will have the opportunity to hear and enjoy Spanish, French, and Hmong every week. Raquel Diaz will visit each preschool class for a Spanish lesson, Adeline Lucchesi will visit for French, and Tia Thao will visit for a Hmong lesson. In addition, our long-time music teacher Lynn Hilgers will return for classes on Friday.

As you can see, these thoughtful opportunities will fold into the child’s rhythm of each week and compliment the art, cooking, science, math, and language lessons they are already doing in their Montessori classroom. If you have any questions about enrichment, contact our Program Support Specialist Ambra Baldwin Hart at


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