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Gratitudes - September 2019

  • A very special thanks to Lisa Berry and the Diversity Committee for collecting, assembling, and donating more than 40 backpacks filled with school supplies to the Madison Metropolitan School District, the Boys and Girls Club of Dane County, and Oglesby Elementary School in Chicago.

  • We are so grateful for Anna Ganz (Maddy C1/K & Jack C4) who coordinated a garden volunteer team to beautify our gardens before the first day of school: Anna Scott (Madeline C4), Kate Sweet (Gideon C2) and Heather Duncan (C4 Teacher) volunteered on the garden team.

  • Thank you, Bill Landis (Natalia C1) and Shelbi Day (Alli C1 & Gabe C3) have been picking up our fallen apples on a daily basis to keep down the bee population in our Outdoor Classrooms.

  • Thanks so much, Mary Rihani (Veda C2 & Mimi C1) for organizing and coordinating our Room Parents and staff meal volunteer groups this year.

  • Thank you, Sharon Baldwin (grandparent of Harper C2) for the beautiful flowers on our first day of school.

  • A very special thanks to all of the parents who donated food for our presentation, An Introduction to the Montessori Three-Year Cycle: Francesca Hong (George C4) for donating sparkling water, Paula Nowaczyk (Weaver T2/C4) for donating a vegetable plate; Kira Rama (Milo T1) for donating crackers, Paula Ryan (Frankie C1 & Edie C4) for donatIng fruit platter, Anna Scott (Madeline C4) for donating baked goods.

  • Thank you, Julia Pooler (Maren C2 Alum) cleaned all of the classroom fish tanks at Woodland. She doesn't even have a child enrolled at Woodland right now and is still volunteering at our school!

  • Thank you, Jen Egelseer & Shelbi Day (Alli C1 & Gabe C3) for donating grapes, watermelon, bananas, apples, and cheddar crackers for snack.

  • Thanks, Kristina Espinoza (Alejandro C1) for donating cheese crackers for snack.

  • Thank you, Sarah Kohlstedt (Zoe C1) for donating graham crackers for snack.

  • Thanks so much, Travus & Miranda Malony (Jerry's parents C4/K) for donating cherry tomatoes & sweet peppers for snack as well as delicious honey for the Kindergarten tea time.

  • Thanks, Colleen Manner (James C1 & Ray C2) for donating cheese for snack.


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