• Angie Olson

Classroom 2 - October 2019

The start of the school year has been one of the best I can remember. We have a wonderful teaching team, our room got extra care during set up week and the children are caring and helpful to one another. We have already been experiencing long, focused work periods and are really getting into the Montessori materials! Our favorites this far have been puzzle maps, counting multiples with the short bead chains, playing Alphabet Bingo and peeling and cutting carrots to share with the class. On Wednesdays, our class will continue the tradition of “show and share”. It is always optional, and a time for practicing to speak in a large group, and for learning from one another. As far as things to share, think items from nature, pictures of family or travel, musical instruments, a tool, a favorite book, or an art project/creation (yes, I was convinced by the children, that lego creations fell under this category). The class knows to leave their toys at home. Thanks for your help with this.

Just wanted to remind all families that on a morning that you may feel a power struggle coming on, or not, it is perfectly fine to send your child in pajamas and/or send them to school with breakfast in hand. They can even brush teeth or hair at school, once they arrive. You can calmly say “we are leaving in 10 minutes, are you choosing to do x,y or z at home or at school?” If the child does nothing, you can say “I can see you are choosing to get dressed at school today, I’ll pack your clothes in your backpack.”

No one here will even blink an eye, it is a perfectly acceptable way help everyone’s morning go more smoothly. So, keep that option in mind for when the time comes.


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