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  • Raquel Diaz

Classroom 3 - October 2019

Fall Greetings Classroom 3 Families, We would like to welcome you all to our classroom. We'd hope you are beginning to feel at ease and comfortable to ask any questions or comments or concerns. We know that as educators we walk along side you in a partnership to help educate, mold and shape the beautiful human beings that come into our classroom 3 doors . Our hope is to strengthen our relationships, not only with the students but with the families we serve as well.

It has been a wonderful start to the school year. Most friends have settled into the classroom and are acclimating to the new routines. It is so great to see everyone bonding and beginning to form sweet little friendships. In the mornings as your child arrives they are encouraged to chose work. Our work cycle begins from 7:30am to about 10:15am This uninterrupted work cycle allows the child to explore his or her own interests, while building concentration.

The guide's (teachers) role during this focused work time is to observe and give presentations throughout the morning. After the child chooses work they are invited to bring it to a rug or a table. They may work on the material as long as they would like however presentations are necessary to show how each work is done properly. When the child is complete they must return the work back to the shelf in the same place and form they found it. After the child has been introduced to a material the guide will quietly walk away and allow the child to work independently on the material of their choices. Of course your child is also invited to use the bathroom throughout the morning and can choose whether or not they would like to have snack.

Between 10:15am and 10:45am We turn off the lights to transition, put work away and prepare for line time. Activities for line time vary often including songs lessons and stories. Some of the line time activities also include group presentation; for example how to properly wash hands, how to cover our coughs/sneeze, how to roll up your rug. Etc. Other topics we often cover that are crucial to our curriculum are; peace, love, kindness, friendship, respect, taking turns listening and speaking, paying attention, differences in family, cultures, languages and skin tone. Enrichment programs and special guests are also held during line time. It is such a fun part of our day.

We would like to thank the families that have been able to donate snack, it is always very appreciated. Thank you everyone for making the beginning of the school year such a smooth and great transition. It has been a pleasure getting to know you all and we look forward to a wonderful year together. Warmly your C3 guides, Raquel, Lisa and Matt

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