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Classroom 4 - November 2019

Hello from classroom four. The month of October has just flown by. Classroom four has been very busy, with the fall festival, the open house, and all the new specials. The children had a lot of fun dancing and signing with David Landeau, painting with corn, gourds and enjoying the tasty treats. The fall festival was a success!

It was so much fun to see your children showing you around during the open house. They worked so hard getting the classroom ready for you. Seeing the excitement in their eyes as they talked about their parents coming to the see what they liked to do during the day was priceless. Thank you for coming and making your child’s day! We have started the specials this month. We have Spanish with Raquel. Be on the lookout for Spanish words coming home, such as “hola”. We also started music with Lynn. As always, the children love singing with her.

We also got “Show and Share” started. The older children spread the word that “tomorrow is Thursday .. it’s Show and Share!” And low and behold items showed up the next day. It’s one of the great things about a Montessori classroom, the older children sharing their knowledge of the classroom four community with the younger children. Montessori kids gain great confidence and self esteem from the dynamics of the Montessori philosophy. Making them feel important and valuable can begin from simply listening to their stories from “show and share” to public speaking. Children pass through the many stages of language development, expressive receptive language, articulation vocabulary, and sharing information. Having these opportunities for children will help them to become confident speakers. “Show and share” begins the journey to confident speaking and leadership. Have a great week!

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